Other Services

SDO also offers services for corporations, the public at large and schools. Whether for training, teaching, prevention or guiding through the process of self-administering treatments, our team is available and ready to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

  • Corporate services (physical and medical evaluation of employees, cardiovascular health training, healthy living instructions, etc.).
  • Coming soon – Blood testing and vaccinations for travel and the flu,
  • Integrated housing for individuals with reduced mobility who continue to live in an apartment, but need daily basic care.


Many new services to come! This is simply a sample of the many services that we offer. Do not hesitate to let us know your specific needs, we are always ready to listen to your requirements and will do our best to accommodate them so that you receive complete service from a single source!

To find out more about SDO’s services, don’t hesitate to contact us at 819-561-0911 or by filling out our request form.