Business mission

SDO is a successful company and is recognized as offering the industry’s best care giving in the Outaouais region.  It goes without saying that our company mission pushes us every day and with every person we work with:

« Our principle objectives are a high quality of service, client satisfaction and the well-being of our employees. »

These objectives are at the heart of our company and every day we work hard to meet the challenge.

Our company`s mission is not only our own – our employees are also proud to be a part of the team and they strive for a high quality of work life. They work in a pleasant environment where opportunities to grow are always available, helping them to meet their personal objectives. SDO`s team constantly consider the company and clients’ well-being before their own.

At SDO, the level of confidence and mutual respect between managers, employees and clients is a priority. All parties work towards that objective and the company’s mission; we count on their collaboration to reach our goals.

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